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Watford Bereavement Services' Digital Makeover:  A Case Study

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Cemetery Marketing

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Managing Work Orders


Processing, prioritizing, and tracking incoming work orders in your cemetery requires a lot of effort, especially when all they’re coming from different places.  

An efficient work orders management system can improve productivity and customer...

The Insider's Guide To Managing Cemetery Risk Assessments

4 Cemeteries Who're “Killing It” With Their Day of The Dead Celebrations

Ever considered hosting an event at your cemetery to celebrate El Día de Los Muertos?  This is an important religious and cultural celebration not just in Central and South America, but for North American Hispanic communities too.  Although Day...

Get More Bang For Your Buck: Find a Return on Your Digital Investment



With so much content out there, digital marketing spend is required to cut through all the digital noise.  But with such an investment comes the responsibility to make sure you’re seeing a return to be able to gauge if you’re spending money...

Turning Your Cemetery's Social Media Marketing From Zero to Hero



Using social media as a platform for marketing and brand management isn’t a new idea, however, the momentum in using these channels doesn’t seem to be slowing.  In fact, more and more organizations are using Facebook, and a whole host of...

The Four Challenges of Implementing a New Cemetery Management System

Whether you’ve decided to build or buy your cemetery management software system, it’s important to always bear in mind that you’re looking to deliver exceptional value to your customers quickly and efficiently.  Therefore you’ll need to assess...

Hollywood Forever’s Hozier Concert & 5 Other Fun Events to Host


Cemeteries hosting events isn’t a new idea - for many years, cemeteries have been inviting communities to come for walks, have picnics, and more recently host concerts, and even yoga!  

One cemetery that has done a stellar job of building up...

Catering For Your Local Hispanic Community: Tips For Success


In the US, the Hispanic population is huge but yet as a profession, we haven’t all given it the attention it deserves.  While the death care industry often focussed on the baby-boomer generation, the Hispanic population is headed for a boom,...

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