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Cemetery to Family Marketing Communications - Mind the Generational Gap!

It’s well known that technology has connected us like never before, and has provided a wide range of both challenges and opportunities for deathcare professionals to reach and connect with their communities. To many, these were unimaginable even...

The Top 3 Reports Cemeterians Need But Have Difficulty Accessing!

Quick go get your ledger books, we have a game to play! In the next five minutes can you tell me:

The cost and risk of inaction. These short and sharp implications make the case for change!

 These short and sharp implications make the case for change!

PlotBox - Round up of CCFW, Phoenix Arizona, Jan 2018

We had the pleasure of attending Catholic Cemeteries and Funeral Home Services of the West’s (CCFW) conference last week in Phoenix, Arizona. As ever, it was great seeing so many good friends.

Going Digital = 5 Big Wins For Cemetery Operators!

There's a lot of talk about going digital and embracing technology, but why? Cemeteries have operated with existing processes for decades, so why the rush now? Digitally transforming your cemetery processes offers:

  • Endless opportunities to...

SNOW - Keeping your cemetery operational 

Winter Storm Grayson, the bomb cyclone that took large parts of the US and East Coast by surprise this January has wreaked havoc for millions, including cemeterians .

Why 2018 Is Time For Digital Transformation In Your Cemetery

New year, new cemetery processes?

When used correctly, processes should standardize and simplify the necessary tasks that keep business running smoothly. They shouldn't restrain the people they are supposed to help. Unfortunately, in the...

5 Reasons Your Cemetery Needs A CRM System

In a nutshell, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the technologies and strategies a company will use to manage and analyze their interactions with individual and potential customers. Most often, when people talk about CRM they are usually...

Cemeteries: #WinterIsComing

Winter is here for Game of Throne fans and I for one am super excited for Season 7! Looking at the image below of the Dark Hedges reminded me of how a Cemetery Manager in New York described his cemetery operations;

“basically everything is...

13 Reasons Why Your Cemetery Needs PlotBox

Calling all ‘13 Reasons Why’ fans! If you haven’t watched this recent netflix series, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of it or know someone who was glued to it. Did you know that Team PlotBox mapped the exact location where Clay mourns for Hannah...

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