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Life at PlotBox

Life at PlotBox 
At PlotBox, we have a great team. We trust and support each other; grow and learn together and have seen the company grow from strength to strength. We are always on the lookout for great people to join our team so if you are looking for a new challenge in an industry that you might not have considered before, have a read to see why PlotBox might just be the place for you!
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Team PlotBox

Reflecting On A Year of Remote Working

Saturday officially marked one year since PlotBox made the decision to switch to remote working, allowing all teams to work from the safety of their homes due to the world heading towards lockdown. I remember that day in the office well,...

Q&A with Katie Stanley

We asked our Project Manager Katie to share some advice and insights into her career so far within the tech industry, check out what she has to say! 

My PlotBox Journey

I used to think of career mobility as promotion and climbing a ladder. But that is not always what we need, sometimes career mobility means a journey to a better work life balance and being happier overall. That is what I am proud to say has been...

Q&A With Pamela McQuillan

A Day In The Life of a QA Engineer

It may sound like a cliché, but everyday is different in QA so when I sat down to write about a ‘typical’ day as a QA at PlotBox I really wasn’t sure where to start, but here goes! 

Some people think QA is all about annoying developers all day...

Starting A New Role During A Pandemic: My Remote Onboarding Experience

We don’t talk about death much. In society, in my experience, mortality is often tip-toed around or covered by euphemisms. I’d never considered working in the Death Care industry. Not because I wouldn’t consider it, it’s just that it had never...

100 Day Challenge: Day 50 and Killin' it!

50 days ago we signed up to a 100 day health and wellness challenge. This was our second attempt at such a challenge - we started one in January but, by February, the world had gone to pot and people were more exercised about toilet roll than...

Socialising & System Development: My Placement at PlotBox

Starting a new job is an exciting, yet daunting experience. No matter how much you prepare yourself, you never really know what your employers are going to have in store for you.

Will they expect too much of me? What if I can’t handle the work...

5 Reasons To Begin Your Career at PlotBox

Is your final year at university coming to a close soon? Not sure what you're going to do next or where to start your career? Then I’d suggest you continue reading...

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