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7 Things to do With Your Holiday Wreaths

Wreath Making

Christmas is over, the turkey has been eaten and the decorations are coming down but you don’t want to waste your beautiful front door wreath adornment.

Or you are a green enthusiast and can’t bear to see a still verdant arrangement go in the refuse. Do you have a penchant for up-cycling? Here are a few ways in which to make that garland last longer.  

1. Pot Pourri

Dry out the leaves, pine needles, flowers and mix with your favourite spices, to turn into winter pot pourri for your home.  Keep that smell the whole season through.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 14.25.57.pngSource: The Yummy Life.com

2. Candle Arrangement

Make your wedding tables festive and socially inviting with an intimate wreath encircled scented candle arrangement.

Candle with wreath arrangement surrounding

3. Donate to the Church

Spruce up your local church with a lovely splash of winter colour as a  pew decoration.

Wreath repurposed into a pew decoration

4. Bird Feeder

Repurpose your wreath with some wildlife friendly additions and make a unique and artistic ornamental bird feeder.  It can be a long bleak winter for our feathered friends.

bird feederImage credit: LowtherCastle.org

5. Valentine's Day Wreath

Take the wreath base and recreate a new wreath ready for Valentine’s Day, a bunch of roses is just too cliched.


Image credit:  YouAndKids.com

6. Photo Shoot!

Use for that required family pet photo shoot (they can always use it to play with after they said “sausages” and smiled).

Canva - Closeup Photo of Adult Medium Size Dog

7. Place on a Veteran Grave

Donate to your local charity for the decoration of veteran’s graves that may otherwise remain bare, or even for your own family memorial visit.


Image credit: WTop.com

What is one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.  This holiday season, think about what else you can do with your festive decorations and give them a new lease of life, don’t condemn them to the graveyard just yet.

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