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Our Five Point Guide to Natural, Sustainable and Innovative Burials & Cremations


When you think of laying someone to rest, what are the first things you think about? Most likely it's burial or cremation that spring to mind as they’re the traditional methods we are used to, right? Recently though, alternative options for...

Round Up of the Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management (ICCM) Learning Convention and Exhibition 2018, Oxford, England.


We were delighted to be back once again at the annual ICCM Learning Convention and Exhibition last week. The fantastic line up of speakers and exhibitors provided members with a breadth of knowledge and experience to engage with and draw from.

Five Marketing Musts - Trends, Tools and Concepts for Effective Cemetery Marketing


In a recent webinar, we covered cemetery marketing and the full recording is available here, but if you’re pushed for time, here’s a small extract!

Learning from the Past - How Modern Cemeteries are Diversifying Like Those of the 1800's


In our webinar last month, ‘Cemetery Marketing 101’ we touched on the progressive trend of exploring alternative uses for your cemetery grounds and growing engagement within the community. In the early nineteenth century, before the rise of...

Building a Team Fit for the Future...Why and How to Attract the Skills you Need for the 21st Century!

Change of many sorts is happening, its happening at a quicker rate than ever, its ubiquitous.

This is the backdrop to why cemeteries must build teams that are fit for the future, it’s the changing landscape of society that forms the environment...

Cheap Running Shoes and Productivity


Your cost conscious monologue might tell you that the foam used in the entry level shoe isn’t that different from the expensive pair. Or that the marginally slimmer shoe from what the sales consultant recommends, won’t negatively impact your...

10 Reasons You Need to Attend ICCFA 2018!

#1 Meeting with friends

This is an easy one...we spend a lot of the year talking over the phone and by email, but nothing beats a good face to face! Taking our time, sitting down and sharing a Guinness - we can’t wait!

Fully integrated software & mapping. What does that really mean, and why is that critical to the future of my Cemetery?

In recent years, leading cemeteries over the world have started undergoing transformation projects that often include a significant shift towards a digitally led operation. Over the past two decades that has tended to mean the introduction of...

Cemetery to Family Marketing Communications - Mind the Generational Gap!

It’s well known that technology has connected us like never before, and has provided a wide range of both challenges and opportunities for deathcare professionals to reach and connect with their communities. To many, these were unimaginable even...

The Top 3 Reports Cemeterians Need But Have Difficulty Accessing!

Quick go get your ledger books, we have a game to play! In the next five minutes can you tell me:

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