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What Is 'True' Digital Mapping?

There is no shortage of digital mapping offerings in today’s market and there are a number of ways to interpret what it actually is. So, what is it? Let’s keep it simple, basically ‘digital’ means the representation of something on a device...

Can you protect your Cemetery from Vandalism or Natural Disaster?

With recents events in Philadelphia and St. Louis U.S. reporting details of Jewish and Catholic graveyard vandalism, where hundreds of tombstones were knocked over and desecrated, the issue of effective burial data management is increasingly...

Matt's Top Sales Tips: #3 Issuing Proposals

Do you use a CRM or Proposal tool? If not it’s easy and free to create your own! It’s beneficial to have a system that allows you to measure how many proposals you have out there, how many customers you winning and losing and why you are winning...

Matt's Top Sales Tips: #2 Qualifying Leads

Be sure to qualify your prospective customers - recognize the tire kickers and time wasters…., score your leads so you spend more time on the A’s and less on the C’s

Matt's Top Sales Tips: #1 Prospecting

When Prospecting you should always start with your end goal in mind. A simple way to locate or understand the demographics of a region is by using a site called - Stats about all US cities - real estate, relocation info, crime,...

PlotBox Win Prestigious ICCFA Award

Calling All UK Cemeteries and Crematories!

New legislation in Scotland forces cemeteries and crematories into the 21st century. The Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016 states that information and registers must be kept in electronic form. It is only a matter of time before all the UK...

Cemetery Love Story

As it’s Valentine's Day we have a tail of love, loss and ultimately death.

Should Your Cemetery Records Move To The Cloud?

It seems like everything is happening ‘in the cloud’ but what exactly does this mean? Let me explain it for you; basically ‘the cloud’ that everyone is talking about is actually a metaphor which is used when referring to how computing resources...

5 Ideas To Add A Personal Touch

“A funeral is not a day in a lifetime, it’s a lifetime in a day”

A personalized funeral or memorial service is one of the most frequent requests families have when making arrangements for a loved one. No family wants prepackaged arrangements...

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